1. Learning NOT to read Music: A classical “note reader’s” voyage into the art of improvisation

    Sep 30, 2009

    This idea sprung to me as I was thinking about this past weekend’s concerto performances. I performed these from memory, or by heart, and why was it that I as a …

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  2. Interview on ABC Good Morning Maryland

    Sep 25, 2009 Woke up this morning for a fun interview in Baltimore before my concert tonight in Annapolis with the Annapolis Symphony.

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  3. Gramophone Magazine Encounters

    Sep 19, 2009

    I have some exciting news to share. In the September issue of Gramophone Magazine I am the focus of the column called Encounters. Pick one up at your local bookstore. …

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  4. Just a Taste

    Sep 15, 2009

    Hello everyone! Here’s a sample from my upcoming CD! Details to be announced soon.  An arrangement of Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise. Gloria Chien on piano as recorded by Da-hong Seetoo. Enjoy! Vocaliseshort

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  5. 9/11/01

    Sep 11, 2009

    Driving to rehearsal down Columbia Parkway in Cincinnati, OH listening to WGUC, the classical station. This is my second year in the Cincinnati Symphony and I am very excited to …

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  6. Mahler 5 rehearsal

    Sep 9, 2009

    To satisfy my old Interlochen friend and great composer Corey, I will write more now before going to conduct Wind Class at Mannes. Mahler 5 rehearsal was great. We worked …

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  7. First Post

    Sep 8, 2009

    Hello All!  This is my first time blogging and  I’m going through the site figuring it out. I am also practicing Weber Concerto No. 1 for my concerts with the …

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