Mahler 5 rehearsal

Sep 9, 2009

To satisfy my old Interlochen friend and great composer Corey, I will write more now before going to conduct Wind Class at Mannes. Mahler 5 rehearsal was great. We worked predominately on the 2nd and 3rd movements. Jimmy Levine was conducting and I’ll just briefly describe why I think he is a great conductor. He has a way of allowing the group to play freely and yet communicate exactly how he would like it to sound. This sounds like a no-brainer but there are very few people that can do this well. Sound and style are all important to him. True dynamics are king. The rehearsals often resemble very detailed private lessons. Normally this would be tedious for the players but in this case the rehearsals are productive and thought provoking, at least in my opinion 🙂 When a conductor compels you to sound better with each note and with each phrase I think it is the best thing a professional musician can ask for.  So often we take for granted as musicians the privilege of going to work to play beautiful music but when you have someone who really does care and listen in front of you it makes a difference. Although the feeling of glee when we  are let out early reminds me of being in youth orchestra, the time spent discovering new things about great works never gets old or tired. The great thing about playing symphonic works at the beginning of an opera season is that you acclimate from a summer away, play as soloists and carry that into the season. Gotta run, eat some lunch and get going. Have a wonderful day.


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