Sep 11, 2009

Driving to rehearsal down Columbia Parkway in Cincinnati, OH listening to WGUC, the classical station. This is my second year in the Cincinnati Symphony and I am very excited to start this new season. We are rehearsing with Paavo Jaarvi our newly appointed maestro. Break time. There is a small TV in the orchestra lounge. It looks like there is a plane that accidentally flew into some buildings across the country in New York. That is not what it is. It cannot be real. It does not look real. It is.  Shock, fear, horror, fear, sadness. Call my family. My dad is a Chief in the Chicago Fire Department. Fear. Is this happening in Chicago as well and if so what will happen? Are we safe here in southern Ohio? When one person perishes, we all mourn. That is the fire department way. This is how we all feel this day.

After the break we went back to rehearsal. This is the musician way. The music must go on. A month or two later we are playing Britten’s War Requiem in Carnegie Hall. It is good that we rehearsed that day in September.  The world needs art, music, love and understanding. We should remember how connected we all felt. Red Ohio felt the pain of people in Blue New York. When we verbally or physically attack “those people” , we attack ourselves. We are all apart of the same work of art.

I just watched the buildings fall this morning again. The same feelings well up and I feel the sadness of all of the families and all of the people affected in a myriad of ways. My sadness is so small in comparison to theirs. My heart goes out to you on this day.

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