A Jazzy Night in New York

Nov 17, 2009

I just finished moving today and for some reason I thought I should definitely get back in touch and talk about a great night out I had two weeks ago.  I had a night off from the Met so in pursuit of some great listening and learning I would check out a concert a friend emailed me about. The concert was an appearance by Ron Odrich, a periodontist and jazz clarinet player who I knew of but had not heard live. He was to be joined by Eddie Daniels a famous jazz clarinetist.  What a great night. I met my girlfriend at a small Italian restaurant on the east side at around 7 and was in for a real treat. So if you haven’t heard of Ron you’ve got to go hear him play. Either that or have him fix your teeth because he is a genius at both. The show was great and just way too short. I was in awe of his music making. He made the clarinet sing, jump, dance and weave with so much energy that I wanted to jump out of my chair. I would have knocked over a nice glass of wine so I didn’t. Listening to Eddie and Ron play was wonderful. They of course had a bunch of fun up there and maybe for my enjoyment or just as a pair of fellow dorky clarinetists are bound to do, they often ended tunes with variations on famous classical clarinet tunes. It was one of those nights where I didn’t know what to expect but getting out and listening inspired me so much. I will remember that energy when playing the Mozart this weekend with Westchester Phil. Having fun making music with great people. Cheers.

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