Why I Do What I Do

Oct 28, 2012

Some of my Facebook friends saw my post the other day about the thank you cards I received in the mail from the second graders at Pine Street Elementary School in Spartanburg, SC. I will dedicate the first post of my new site to them. How this amazing gift came about is kind of interesting. I am appearing with the Spartanburg Philharmonic in a couple weeks but I was asked to go down three months prior to do outreach at local schools and a donor event for the orchestra. Sarah Ioannides, http://sarahioannides.net/ my former classmate at Curtis and colleague at the Cincinnati Symphony is the music director and I am super excited to work with her. I agreed to this trip on the basis that it would be really fun to meet children in the area and in a way become a temporary member of the community. I went to a bunch of schools in the two days that I was there and it was really wonderful. The kids gave me so much energy and spirit and it made me realize once again that what we do as artists and is extremely important. It is important because we connect to each other. We communicate with each other. We share with one another. This brings us closer and makes us more human, more beautiful, more connected. When I received the cards (all 50 of them) it showed me that the energy, positivity and musical experience that we enjoyed together will always be with us. This changes us, makes us better humans, better neighbors and friends. The music stops but the experience keeps us alive and keeps our spiritual hearts beating.

The drawings and comments on the cards were very cute and funny. Some of my favorite quotes are below:

“Thank you so much for the misic that you played it was alsome”

“You are nice at playing the clarinet”

“I love you the clarinet has butfelnots”

“You are a blast thank you for coming”

“I love music. I have a vilan sometimes I mess up too. Because my stister messt me up!!!!!” (my favorite)

“Thank you Mr. migile”

This made my year.

Thank you kids,




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